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"From Dental Implants to Ultherapy, The Before and After Is Impressive."
My name is Lisa and I’ve had a dental implant here at Odara. I’ve also had Ultherapy, and I’ve started the IPL photo facial as well. I had had a previous dental implant that didn’t go so well a few years back and so I was very nervous getting another implant. I was worried about the recovery time.

I had had a previous dental implant that didn't go so well a few years back and so I was very nervous getting another implant. I was worried about the recovery time.

Dr. Hardeep Dhaliwal:

Lisa’s a fantastic patient who came to us with some pretty big concerns because she found out one of her teeth had to be removed and it would be in the smile line so she would see it and she’s visibly anxious about having a missing tooth. We talked to her about those concerns and talked to her about how we can replace the tooth, have an implant placed, and have a tooth there and alleviate those concerns. She then against us about her aging face and she didn’t like how her face is starting to show her age.


After I had come in for the dental implant, I noticed in the office that they offered a procedure called Ultherapy, which is basically a skin and neck tightening procedure that they do. It’s ultrasound. Because it’s non-surgical and non-evasive, I was really excited to try it., and I came and did the full face Ultherapy, and the before and after is dramatic. I didn’t really expect it to be that dramatic. I expected a little bit of a lift and tighten, but the before and after pictures speak for themselves. I was so impressed. From the second I stepped in the door, they really took good care of me as far as explaining everything that was going to take place and the machines and the technology that they use. They walk you through every piece of it and I really felt comfortable. It was so quick and I was out of here within a few hours. I was very impressed with just the way that I felt afterwards. I felt much better than I expected. I feel younger, I look younger. My husband has no idea that I even did the procedure, but he’s like, “Baby, you look great. You look really good. Wha are you doing?” So, I liked it. I like that I feel younger and look younger without taking drastic measures and drastic effects. I won’t go anywhere else as far as to have any procedures done, whether it be dental procedure or anything aesthetic because they handle everything in one place. So, that’s really nice. I can’t wait to do something else, actually. Try the next thing.

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