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"An Alternative Solution to Asymmetry Problems Without a Surgical Solution."
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BOTOX® Treatment

BOTOX® treatment is a revolutionary approach to reversing the affects facial wrinkles. Crow’s feet, worry lines and laugh lines can all be a thing of the past. These are referred to as dynamic wrinkle lines and all are treatable with this procedure. Cosmetic denervation is the process of injecting botox into the tiny facial muscles that create the wrinkles.

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Before BOTOX® Surgery

To better understand your overall health, we will evaluate your medical history prior to surgery. In addition, a complete examination of your eyes is made in order to decide the most effective injection sites. All issues and concerns will be discussed. The areas that will be treated are marked and digital photographs are taken in order to determine the amount of improvement after surgery.

The BOTOX® Procedure

BOTOX® injections are performed without anesthesia because it is virtually painless. Only a very small sting is felt when the injections are made. The effects are not permanent and may need to be repeated two to three times per year to retain the effects. Research has suggested, however, that long term use of the injections leads to a longer duration of each treatment’s effect. Patients over the age of 65 may not experience as dramatic of results. Botox is only useful in treating expression lines and cannot be used to repair sagging skin caused by aging.After the operation patients may experience slight bruising around the area that quickly fades. Normal activities can be performed immediately. Possible side effects are temporary weakness of nearby muscles or in rare cases an eyelid may droop. BOTOX® is completely reversible so any side effect is only a temporary condition. The doctor will explain all risks associated at the time of your consultation.

What is a neurotoxin?

It is an FDA approved treatment which is not only safe, but a quick, powerful, and non-invasive way to reduce wrinkles and frown lines. It temporarily blocks impulses from the nerve tissue to the targeted facial muscles responsible for expression lines causing them to remain relaxed, so the overlying skin is smooth and wrinkle-free. It can also be used for helping treat acne or to treat severe sweating (hyperhydrasis).
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How often do I need to get it?

Treatments may last between three to nine months. The provider will work with you to determine the best approach for maintaining smooth skin. Botox injections take about ten to fifteen minutes and treatment can be completed same day as your consultation with no downtime.

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