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Adara Surgical Institute Laser Hair Removal Experts in Bellevue, WA

If you are looking for a quality laser hair removal provider, the Adara team is highly trained and skilled at precision laser hair removal. Schedule a free consultation with our esthetician and we will help you achieve your objective of less unwanted hair. Save yourself the hassles of dealing with unsightly, unwanted and inconvenient facial hair, body hair or even hair on your extremities. Our clients enjoy the freedom and benefits that come with our laser hair removal treatments. Imagine not having to shave, or wax constantly to abate unwanted hair! Utilize safe and effective laser hair removal to help you achieve your ideal image – schedule your free consultation today with our skilled, friendly team.


As each client is different depending on skin tone, texture, hair color, age and hormone profile we help you obtain your ultimate results for your unique biology. Making your body more beautiful by helping you achieve your aesthetic goals is one of the reasons why we are so successful. To learn more about what our clients have to say about us click here.

Our lasers are USDA approved and are board certified. Our skilled and highly trained team ensure that your comfort and safety are foremost in any treatment to the best of our ability. By utilizing the latest in laser technology at Adara this helps us achieve optimal results for each client in laser hair removal. While each client is different based on age, hair color and skin type we help you achieve the best in laser hair removal technology can provide. Safe and effective laser hair removal with little to no downtime. We utilize the Diode laser for our darker complexion and darker haired clients, alternatively we utilize the IPL laser for the clients that tend towards more fair hair and skin.

Laser hair removal treatment is not recommended for pre-pubescent individuals nor for pregnant mothers as hormones do change during these times and can affect the overall results of laser hair removal.

Before, during and after laser hair removal treatment it is advised to be sun free. While the overall procedure is safe there is a risk of irritation to the area. 

Please extensively review your medications and/or hormone supplementation regardless if it is prescription or over the counter, to verify if it may cause photosensitivity. For further safety you will want to disclose at the time of your consultation these medications, hormones or supplements. It is very important to consult with your prescribing doctor or our HIPPA certified team for your best results and ultimate comfort. We will make every effort to keep you healthy and safe while in our highly trained professional care. 

laser hair treatment


Please ask if you have any questions or concerns that are not covered here or if you would like greater detail on anything that has already been covered. We are here to be of service and we take each and every one of our client’s health, safety and comfort levels seriously. Meet our master aesthetician, and get a sneak peek to see what our office looks like before your very first visit!

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