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Adara Surgical Institute: Trusted for Your Dental Emergencies

Adara Surgical Institute is proud to offer a comprehensive range of dental services to you and your family when you need it most. When it comes to emergency dental needs, our priority is providing the highest quality care at affordable prices. If you’re experiencing tooth pain or infection, prompt attention is essential to prevent further complications and alleviate discomfort. Our team is dedicated to easing your pain quickly and efficiently, offering emergency extractions, dental implants, and repair of facial fractures.

During your consultation, our experts will develop a personalized emergency treatment plan, along with a follow-up course of action. We prioritize your well-being and work to restore your smile with compassion and expertise. While we do not repair broken teeth, our dental implant solutions are thorough and effective, offering long-term stability and functionality. Our emergency dental recovery options include Teeth-in-an-Hour, replacing missing teeth, bone grafting for implants, and the replacement of all upper or lower teeth.

We prioritize your well-being and work to restore your smile with compassion and expertise.

At Adara Surgical Institute, we have been delivering affordable emergency dental extraction and trauma services to our patients in Issaquah, WA, since 2017. Our friendly, reassuring, and patient team understands the impact of dental pain and is committed to providing quick, effective, and compassionate emergency dental services. To ease any concerns, we invite you to explore our office tour, so you know what to expect during your emergency visit. Trust Adara Surgical Institute for exceptional emergency dental care that puts your well-being first.

Dr. Dhaliwal

Highly Qualified, Compassionate Care from Our Expert

Addressing painful, lost teeth, or facial traumas is entrusted to the expertise of Dr. Dhaliwal, a highly skilled and dedicated oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Dr. Dhaliwal’s passion for continuous training and education empowers him to deliver exceptional care to his patients. Under his guidance, you can experience a smooth and beautiful healing process.

His expertise in emergency facial trauma is particularly remarkable, as he is extensively trained in all aspects of oral and maxillofacial surgery. When emergencies occur, patients are fortunate to have Dr. Dhaliwal on their side. As a quadruple board-certified cosmetic, oral, and maxillofacial surgeon, his abilities greatly benefit every patient who seeks his care.

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When to Seek Medical Care

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re having head or neck pain, are unable to stop bleeding, are feeling dizzy, or have suffered severe trauma, please get medical attention without delay. Call 911 or have a responsible party drive you to the nearest emergency room or hospital. A full-time medical practitioner is the best choice for your emergency care in such cases.

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