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Adara Surgical Institute offers emergency dental tooth extraction services in Issaquah, WA (near Bellevue) and the surrounding cities. We can handle any type of facial trauma or dental extraction emergency from jaw fractures, facial fractures, facial trauma, tooth pain (requiring extraction), dental infection and more. We are here to help ease your pain when you need us.

We can handle any type of facial trauma or dental extraction emergency

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Adara Surgical Institute Emergency Dental Services

We offer a wide range of dental services to our patients in Bellevue, Washington and the surrounding cities. If you want the highest quality care at affordable prices, Adara Surgical Institute is the right choice for your emergency dental needs. If you are suffering from tooth pain or infection it’s important to get it handled right away to keep it from spreading and to prevent the pain from becoming more pronounced. If you find yourself in extremely debilitating pain there really is no option but to address it immediately and urgently. We are here to ease your pain as quickly and efficiently as possible. We offer everything from emergency extractions to dental implants to repairing facial fractures. At the time of your consultation an emergency treatment action plan, along with a follow up course of action plan, will be identified.Please note that when it comes to dental extractions we recommend that you see your dentist to ensure the tooth indeed needs an extraction and cannot be repaired by your dentist.
At our office we do not repair broken teeth, instead we offer extraction of the broken teeth, then replace them with dental implants which are thorough and effective. Additionally, we offer multiple options for your emergency dental recovery such as Teeth-in-an-Hour, Replacing Missing Teeth, Bone Grafting for Implants, Replacement of Missing All Upper or Lower Teeth and much more. Adara Surgical Institute has been providing affordable emergency dental extraction and trauma services to its patients in Issaquah, WA since 2017. Our team is friendly, reassuring, patient and kind. We understand dental pain and it is important for us to restore our patients’ smiles, by providing quick, efficient and effective emergency dental services. To put your mind at ease check out our office tour, so you know what to expect for your emergency visit.

Facial Trauma

Dr. Dhaliwal is a highly trained oral and maxillofacial surgeon that specializes in facial trauma. Facial trauma is typically an injury sustained to the face, mouth and jaw. Often these injuries can affect both the hard tissues as well as the soft tissues of the face. Soft tissues can be anything not bone such as the skin and gums. Hard tissues are more structural in nature and include teeth, jaw bone and all facial bones.

Facial trauma can also include many of the following issues:

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Emergency Dentistry Conditions That We Treat

Making you comfortable and helping you heal are always our top priorities.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

A painful tooth, lost tooth, trauma to the face or mouth should be addressed by a highly skilled and trained oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Dr. Dhaliwal is passionate about his training and education, so that he can do what he does best. He is dedicated to helping people. Patients heal beautifully under the care and guidance of Dr. Dhaliwal. Every patient through our doors benefits greatly from his skill and abilities, this is observable especially in patients with emergency facial trauma as he is so highly trained in all areas of oral and maxillofacial surgery. When misfortune strikes, our patients are fortunate to have Dr. Dhaliwal on call. Dr. Dhaliwal is a quadruple board certified cosmetic, oral and maxillofacial surgeon
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Dental Emergency or Medical Emergency?

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re having neck or head pain, are bleeding uncontrollably, are feeling dizzy, or have suffered severe trauma, please seek immediate medical attention by calling 911 or by getting transportation to the nearest medical facility. Medical personnel are best equipped to assist you with symptoms such as these.

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