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"An Alternative Solution to Asymmetry Problems Without a Surgical Solution."

I’ve been a model for the better part of 20 years and especially as I age it is really important for me to put my best face forward. And I feel like Dhaliwal and Dory really take that seriously. They give me a light fresh look so I can look my best self. I really want to look the best I can every day but not look like someone different. My look is how I make my money and they helped me get jobs.

They give me a light fresh look so I can look my best self. I really want to look the best I can every day but not look like someone different.

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Dr. Dhaliwal Hardeep:

Claire is a really nice patient to have in the office. We first saw her because she’s a model and she had some concerns of aging and we didn’t at the time, know, but she was an esthetician as well. So she could really point out. Hey, here’s the things that I don’t like and it was actually quite straightforward to treat her even though I didn’t know she’s an esthetician, but she knew what she needed. So we did some cheek fillers and botox and a few other things. And after that first treatment, she came back to see us for a number of other treatments. She even came to see our aesthetician. So, being an aesthetician and then trusting herself to our seditions is always a compliment that she continue to see our aesthetician. So just speaks to the confidence that patients have in our practice, especially when people are in the acting profession and still come to see us.


I have actually been coming here since they first opened. I think I was probably one of their first dozen or so patients. So it’s been really neat to see the clinic grow and see how busy it is. I was scheduled with Dhaliwal for a consultation and he was able to give me a better solution for my problem than a surgical remedy to correct the asymmetry that I had in my face and I’ve been a patient ever since. Coming in the door and really feeling like I’m family. And having somebody take care of me on that level is really, really important. And I have brought my friends. I brought my family members in, because I know they’re really going to get taken care of when they come in.

I refer a Adara all the time. Probably weekly. I’ve brought in a dozen of my friends and family members in here for a variety of services. I hands-down, recommend Adara Surgical for
anything from your non-surgical beauty needs to getting a tooth pulled. You’re going to feel like you’re taking care of here.

I’d love to thank Adara and Doctor Dhaliwal, Dory, and Melissa and all the girls here at Adara Surgical because they always make me feel excellent from the minute I come in to the minute I leave. Like I get excited about coming here and seeing you guys. So, thank you.

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