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Treatment Options for Scar Removal
I had really crooked teeth, and it got to the point where dentists were like, “You need to get braces, because if not, you’re going to get periodontal disease”. And so as I was getting braces, I had baby teeth that needed to be extracted as well as wisdom teeth. And so my orthodontist referred me to Dr. Hardeep to get those removed. So I did.

I had really crooked teeth, and it got to the point where dentists were like, "You need to get braces, because if not, you're going to get periodontal disease".

Dr. Hardeep Dhaliwal:

When we first met Rebecca, she got to learn about our practice, then came back and realized that we do a lot more than just wisdom teeth.


I took out my dermals, and then I had keloids and that made me really insecure because no one wants to have keloids on their chest. And when you meet someone, you just like look at them and it would draw a lot of attention to my chest.

Dr. Hardeep Dhaliwal:

She’s really pretty self-conscious about, she had some dermal piercings, which ended up turning into keloids, and she came to us like, “What are the options?” And we did some minor treatments and her scarring is significantly better and she feels more confident, and we’ve really changed her life just with very minor treatment for her.


I absolutely love everyone here at Adara, and I am so grateful and thankful for them. And since the minute I walked into the door, they were all just very welcoming and wonderful. And each and every time that I’ve been here, they’ve all just been so great. I am so impressed with the implant surgery. Like I was so scared and it was like, I had no swelling, nothing. It was amazing. And it’s not as scary and intimidating as I thought it would be.

And they called me the next day to make sure that everything was going great. I believe the next day was a Saturday. And so they’re not even open on a Saturday. So to get a call back from Dr. Hardeep was really, really great. And just letting you know that you are an individual and they care about you, you’re not just someone that walks in the door.

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