Ultherapy in Bellevue, WA

Ultherapy at Adara Surgical Cosmetic Surgery

Ultherapy Bellevue before and after faceWe are pleased to offer the Ultherapy procedure as part of our beautification, restorative and anti-aging arsenal here at our Adara Surgical Cosmetic Surgery office in Bellevue, WA. Ultherapy is a non-surgical solution to firm, tighten and rejuvenate the skin and the underlying tissues. Stimulating ultrasound technology awakens and revitalizes these tissues, facilitates a collagen response that causes much desired lifting and tightening. 

Ultherapy is non invasive, perfect for all skin types and you will be able to continue about your daily life without fear of downtime. Ultherapy is done in the office and is a quick and easy solution to tone and tighten skin minutes. After treatment the collagen healing response gradually builds and replenishes. While results may vary, the body’s natural healing response will have you having observable lifting and tightening during 3-6 months after treatment as healing continues. Some patients require additional treatments to achieve their ultimate look. 

Ultherapy in Bellevue, Washington

Your Ultherapy appointment is conveniently performed in our office near Bellevue, WA. We are conveniently located for easy access and stress free parking. Ultherapy is so non-invasive that you will be able to drive yourself to and from your appointment!

Ultherapy Technology

Ultherapy utilizes the safe and powerful technology of ultrasound. During treatment the ultrasound is non surgically directed and targets the tissues below the skin. Stimulating ultrasonic sound waves generates cellular friction targeted precision heating with sound. This therapy causes collagen response, stimulating and causing the body to respond with collagen rebuilding, which has the added benefit of firming, toning and tightening. 

Free Ultherapy Consultation

Our aesthetican will be able to assess your goals and the look you are wanting to achieve to help you determine your treatment areas, duration of treatment estimates. While most of our patients achieve phenomenal results in just one treatment; Our aesthetican will be able to identify if you will benefit further from additional treatments to achieve your ultimate look with the lifting, toning and tightening benefits of Ultherapy. 

While each patient is different the Ultherapy procedure allows for lasting results. It is exciting to have a treatment that continues to allow for the collagen response over time to help you define your new youthful look. Once everything settles from healing and collagen response. Taking up to 3-6 months to gradually complete. Your results can last years depending on each individual’s collagen response, healing, aging and skin condition.

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Ultherapy is fascinating technology, we use ultrasound to heat the underlying tissues. This stimulation causes the body to respond and over the course of 3-6 months you have an increase in collagen production. Making for a more youthful appearance, which can last for years. 

Ultherapy Anti-aging Treatment Areas

Treatment areas may be combined to help you achieve your objective. As part of your consultation our aesthetican will help you identify what areas would benefit the most from our Ultherapy procedure. Below is a list of treatment areas available.

  • Face
  • Full Face
  • Brow
  • Forehead
  • Upper Face
  • Lower face
  • Cheek Region
  • Jawline and Jowl area
  • Neck
  • Upper Neck
  • Lower Neck
  • Cleavage area
  • Chest region
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Skin

Ultherapy before after women's neck

Ultherapy Safe and Effective Anti-Aging Treatment

There is minimal discomfort with Ultherapy rejuvenation. For some there can be a brief sensation of heated warmth as the ultrasound targets the underlying tissues. This deep heating can cause a sensation that some find uncomfortable. We will be able to mitigate this discomfort by offering you cooling options and/or light pain medications during the course of your treatment session.

Ultherapy is great for also improving skin texture and tone when focused on the superficial layers. This allows for greater collagen production that will result in vibrant, healthy skin allowing for preventative aging response.

Combining treatment effectiveness and live feedback with moment to moment ultrasound visualization allowing for precise treatment delivery. 

Ultherapy is FDA Cleared with a proven safety record, utilizing long standing ultrasound technology that has been in use in medical facilities for over fifty years. Ultrasound is utilized in a variety of ways in the medical industry. For rejuvenation the ultrasound radio waves are hyper focused so they don’t dissipate and are able to target with precision, penetrating to the underlying tissues below the skin. Ultherapy is extremely precise and energy efficient allowing for greater precision and control. The ultrasound heats the tissues to stimulate healing and collagen response and rebuilding. All without causing injury to the skin’s surface.

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At Adara Surgical we pride ourselves on taking exceptional care of our clients, catering to their needs for cosmetic, maxillofacial, anti-aging, Ultherapy or skin care therapy reconstructive or beauty enhancement requirements. Contact us for your free consultative appointment with our aesthetican to see if Ultherapy is the right fit for you in achieving your beautiful ultimate youthful look. Schedule your consultation today to enhance your natural beauty! 

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