Often our patients ask us: What is Adara?

Dr. Dhaliwal decided to pursue a career in cosmetic, oral and maxillofacial surgery to help people and that is evident even in the name of Adara.

Often our patients ask us ‘What is Adara?’ Simply: Adara means beautiful in Greek. Dr. Dhaliwal believes in revealing your true inner beauty and wanted a name that would represent that dedication and intention.

We are all beautiful, each and everyone. He believes in setting and achieving natural and realistic goals with each patient. While honoring the ultimate aesthetic look they are wanting to obtain to match their inner beauty. 

Dr. Dhaliwal has worked for many companies and practices in Washington state since 2013. He was dissatisfied with the lack of client focus and wanted a practice of his own that was client centric and as dedicated to his patients as he is. So in early 2017 he finally decided to start his own practice. With that vision firmly in place, Adara started in May of 2017. With passion and dedication Dr. Dhaliwal and his wife have seen Adara grow to the wonderful cosmetic, oral and maxillofacial surgical practice that it is. He loves being part of all of the healing journeys that each patient takes with us. We value and appreciate all of our patients that put their trust into Adara for all of their cosmetic, oral and maxillofacial needs. Treating patients like family. Here at Adara we value each and every client that comes through our doors.

When Dr. Dhaliwal isn’t busy taking care of patients; he is fully immersed in his family. He loves focusing on his family and spending quality time with them. He and his wife are high school sweethearts and are busy raising three beautiful children. On the rare occasion he gets some down time he repenshishes his energy by completing home projects, running for both pleasure and fitness, and also by reading published journals. First and foremost though, are all of the people in his life. He is happiest when helping others be it family or friends or the Adara patients who are also considered family and friends. 

The dedication and joy of helping others is a gift and it is readily apparent whenever you speak with Dr. Dhaliwal. He fosters a deep connection with his patients, encouraging them to call him whenever they have questions. He always loves making time for a good chat. 

Join the Adara family and schedule your consultation with Dr. Dhaliwal and see how he can help you achieve your ultimate look and mobility so that your inner beauty shines bright.