All On Four Issaquah WA 

Adara Surgical Institute Offers All On Four Dental Implants in Bellevue & Issaquah, WA

Adara Surgical Institute offers the latest dental implant technology to give you your smile back with our state of the art dental implants (all-on-four) at our Issaquah WA (near Bellevue) practice. These beautiful sets of artificial prosthetic teeth are attached with just four anchor points. That means you get a full set of upper or lower teeth with just four implants. It is strong and secure enough that you have the convenience of replacement teeth without the frustration of dentures. 

Four Dental Implants To Transform Your Smile  

all-on-four-dental-implantsEach anchor point is a small titanium screw that is inserted inside your jaw and acts much like the missing tooth’s root, offering a foundation for the dental implant. For a full row of replacement teeth, a small surgery completes the placement of four such implants (and removal of any damaged teeth) for a beautiful, natural looking and fully functioning tooth replacement. If you need both upper and lower teeth replaced for a complete smile transformation, we offer the full mouth dental implant restoration. Both the upper and lower titanium implants can be done at the same time. 

The key item to note is that you are not needing an anchor point for each and every tooth that is being replaced. You only need four anchor points for the full upper or full lower dental implant to attach to. It is important to note that if you need a full mouth dental implant restoration you are looking at four anchor points for the top and an additional four for the bottom. These implants are then permanently fixed into position. Since the implant is made with titanium, it can seamlessly adhere to the living jawbone forming a durable foundation that could last for 20-30 years and possibly even longer when properly maintained.

Same Day Full Set of Replacement Teeth

Most of our patients are able to benefit from a full mouth dental implant restoration, having it completed the same day. This procedure is considered minor surgery and once the titanium implants are placed precisely as required for optimal positioning; the full upper and/or lower set of replacement teeth can then be attached.  

CBCT (Cone-Beam Computed Tomography)

Adara Surgical Institute features the latest technology in achieving the most optimal implant and placement with the CBCT or Cone-Beam Computed Tomography. This innovative technology allows for optimal planning and placement for your dental implants. It provides us with a full rotation around the patient, capturing a three dimensional (3D) image of the teeth, and more depending on what treatment options we are exploring. 

For the all-on-four dental implants the CBCT scanner provides us with full and deeper insights into the unique and personalized placement needed for our patients undergoing the all on four dental implants. We are about the health and wellbeing of our patients and this is why our office utilizes this FDA approved scanning system to provide us with full and complete data for our evaluation, care and treatment plans for each of our patients considering the all-on-four option for dental implants.

Further the CBCT scanner is incredibly helpful, allowing us to investigate fully the following regions: oral, maxillofacial, mouth, neck, jaw, ears, nose, and throat to enhance our ability to diagnose, evaluate, care and treat our patients that are undergoing any diagnostics or treatments in these areas.

Improved Oral Health and Beauty Transformation

Having resolved the issues of the decayed or missing teeth there is an added benefit of mitigating further bone loss and decay with the placement of the four dental implants. With a new all on four dental implant you have taken a big step towards improved oral health.

Once your beautiful smile is firmly in place, you will have an immediate and observable added bonus which is a near lifting to the whole face. Since the foundation of teeth inside the mouth provides a supporting structure which helps to lift the facial planes, providing a much more youthful appearance. This all works together to provide you with a much more beautiful smile and face to present to the world. 

Adara Surgical Institute Putting Patient Care and Safety First

At Adara Surgical Institute is located in Issaquah (near Bellevue) WA we dedicate ourselves to ensuring the comfort, safety and care of each and every patient. We work tirelessly to ensure that you have a functional and beautiful outcome from your oral procedure that you love for years to come. 

Put your mind at ease and take a virtual tour of our facility for your peace of mind so you know what to expect when you get here.

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Your own remarkable transformation awaits you, call today to schedule your consultation to see how the all on four dental implant solution can benefit you! A full 3D CT Scan will be completed at the time of your consultation and this will allow Dr. Dhaliwal to customize your specific treatment plan and outline the best course of action for your situation and needs. In our office located in Issaquah, Washington; he will discuss all of the available options with you and what you can expect as part of the all-on-four procedure and answer any questions that you may have. We are always happy to help – call us at 425-332-5333 or fill out a web form to see how an all-on-four oral implant can transform your smile! 

Helping our patients achieve their ultimate look in form and function is what we do every day, and we are ready to help you create yours!