Cosmetic Surgery in Renton, WA

Adara Surgery Institute in Renton, WA can help you define and deliver your ultimate desired look with cosmetic surgery. Achieving your realistic and ultimate look has never been easier. At Adara Surgical Institute we utilize the latest in advanced technology for maximum results. 

Adara Surgical Institute utilizes the Vectra Camera and Surgical Simulator to allow you to get a glimpse of your end result, before you even start on your first treatment.  

Our Surgeon

Dr. Dhaliwal is Quad Board Certified and stands apart in his continuing dedication and enhanced training that is a rarity even among his elite peers. Dr. Dhaliwal utilizes only the best in the industry from training to tools, equipment all the way to his team here at Adara. All to ensure each and every client is well treated and cared for.

Dr. Dhaliwal is an elite trained and certified cosmetic surgeon, he is highly revered in his field and is a quad board certified surgeon in General Cosmetic Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. 

List of Dr. Dhaliwal’s Board Certifications:

  • American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Royal College of Dentist of Canada (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)

 Dr. Dhaliwal and the Adara team are dedicated to helping our clients to achieve their ultimate appearance from face, breast, body, and extremities. Schedule your consultation today.

Featured Treatments

We offer Cosmetic Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, Anti-Aging Treatments and Therapies, Surgical Remedies for both corrective and your aesthetic preferences. Further we offer such options as skin rejuvenation, skin care, laser hair removal and more. 

Learn more about Dr. Dhaliwal and his extensive training, certifications and credentials.

While cosmetic surgery aligns itself into a very unique discipline of medicine that is often focused more on enhancement of an individual’s appearance via medical and/or surgical procedures it requires specialized skill and compassionate understanding.  Most often since it is aesthetic driven the surgery is considered elective by insurance companies or other types of doctors, but to the individual effected or perhaps suffering from a less than optimal issue they would like changed, cosmetic surgery then becomes a priceless blessing. Our clients no longer have to endure physical aesthetic or cosmetic issues that could be helped or improved with cosmetic surgery. 

Helping our clients with premium quality care to achieve their optimal aesthetic is what we do. 


Adara Surgical offers consultation services with Dr. Dhaliwal where he is able identify a treatment and recovery plan for any of your desired procedures. Dr. Dhaliwal will even be able to provide you with a visual representation of the expected result of your chosen procedure, with a before and after. The Vectra Camera and Surgical Simulator allows for Dr. Dhaliwal to give you a glimpse of your expected result. This device is instrumental in helping our clients have added peace of mind as they make their very important cosmetic surgical decision. Check out our office tour so you know what to expect before your visit!

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Regardless of your procedure you can expect a team of highly trained compassionate friendly individuals to take your needs seriously. We provide the very best in care for each and every procedure that we do, we not only help our clients shape their ultimate look but we take our jobs seriously as its more than just a body, face or look it is very near and dear to us to treat our clients as unique and beautiful individuals. We are here to serve as we help you achieve your ultimate in beauty, form and function possible. Contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Dhaliwal today!